Friday, May 01, 2009


Parading in front of my son's school is a daily affair, along with many other parents in ordered to fetch our children after school. This old auntie came up and started giving me a piece of her 'well meaning' advise. According to her I can't bring my children to public places especially shopping centres. Because of the swine flu, she said. She kept talking and talking but in my mind I was like.... yeah, thanks for the advise.

'And you shouldn't bring them out if they are sick'... Yeah I know...'don't make people sick'....yeah I know'... 'The flu comes from pigs'...'yeah'...the machine gun that did its round of firing seems not likely to stop anytime soon. People suffers. War is imminent. A retaliation was in the agenda.

'why do you think such virus exist?' '......'
'why do you eat pork then?' '....'
'if people don't eat pork then there won't be any swine flu?' '....'
This time was my round of firings.....

This soldier got the signal that his enemy was too strong to takeover. A retreat was in order. The move away was swift, the retreat was in total. 'My grandson is here'... He was already here...

Well I didn't mean to hurt your feelings you know? I am speaking from my camp's(vegetarian) point of view. Normally I'm as meek as a gentle kitty cat. Not until peace turns into a war under the blazing heat...and hey...I don't even know you!