Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I go and become a vegetarian!

My darling 'ever so clever in asking question that puts me on a spot' son asked with wide innocent eyes why my blog name is "Go Vege'. Oh yah. Hm. It sounds nice. I am vegetarian. Its sound kind of special, et cetera.... But this 'ever so smart in front of her children' vegetarian mum has got to come up with a short, logical, uncomplicated explanation. Right? So the answer that came out of my mouth is "because I go and become a vegetarian." So thats it. GoVege!

Friday, June 12, 2009


My darling son's tuition teacher praised him for doing a good job finishing his assessments given to him and writing neatly. Wow! I'm so flattered. Thoughts of him passing his swimming bronze test after much hard work, and making himself useful by mopping the floor for me crossed my mine, and even when the most angelic part of me had wanted to believe that it is true that his has finally turned a new leaf, but there is this tiny part of me which still think that something is amissed.

I took a look at his assessments books and there it was, the answers was nicely written. Word for word. This vege mum took a pair of scissor and cut away the answer sheets at the back. Leaving no chance for repeated mischieve at all. No. Absolutely no. There is no chance that this silly son of mine can get away with cheating and cheating is not a good virtue. So son, be prepare to face the music. When you cheat, be prepared...